Saturday, March 25, 2006

Canon PowerShot SD450 (Digital IXUS 55)

Since I got a bonus at work, I decided to spend a little bit of it on a new pocket camera. This is a replacement for my old Canon S230.

I've had the S230 for a number of years. It's a good camera - 3 megapixels, metal case and fits in your pocket. It can do 640x480 video for 30 seconds, or 320x240 for 3 minutes. As I said, I've had for a number of years, and it served me well. But it's amazing how cameras evolved in the last few years. For about the same price that I originally paid for the S230, I now got a Canon PowerShot SD450. 5 megapixels, also metal case, and even smaller than the S230. And with a bigger LCD. And much faster. And it can do 640x480 video until it fills up the card (it tells me I have 8 minutes 31 seconds left when recording on a 1GB card). Now, it's still a small point-and-shoot pocket camera and can't compare to my DSLR in quality and speed - but it's much better for carrying around for random pictures when you don't want to lug the DSLR with its huge lens around. Here are some pics.

Yes, I have enough cameras to take a picture of 2 of them with the third one. Shut up.

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