Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yamaha FJR1300 SuperBrace Installation

SuperBrace arrived!

I received my SuperBrace a couple of weeks ago and finally found time to install it. It fits very well, but I haven't had a chance to see if it helps yet - just riding to work and back, in the rain.

Here's the way it was packaged:

Out of the package and split into parts (I'm holding it upside down):

And here are the splash guards:

I mounted the splash guards to the superbrace:

Front of the bike before installation:

First, I removed the fender to make installation easier:

Then I washed the forks wih some water and a brush around the area of the install:

Removing the old fork spash guards requires sliding them up and then cutting them off (if you wanted to avoid cutting them off, you'd have to remove the forks out of the triple clamps). You need a hammer and a piece of wood to slide them off:

Hold the wood piece under the old plastic splash guard and hit it with a hammer from the bottom up. You'll need to hammer on both sides to get it to slide up.

Eventually it comes off:

And the other one:

I used some heavy-duty wire cutters to cut the plastic pieces. Here are the forks with them removed:

Superbrace installed and tightened:

View of the bolts from the back of the superbrace:

And with the fender reinstalled:

I like how it's black and dips down to hide behind the fender - very unnoticable.


Werner Miram said...

It Appeals you installier The Splash Guards backwards. Right on left and left on right side??

Werner Miram said...

It appears you installed the splash guards backwards. Right on left and left on right side...