Saturday, July 12, 2008

What's In a Toolkit?

People always ask what should be in their motorcycle toolkits, so I'm going to show what's in mine. I'm sure that I'm missing things too, so feel free to comment on what else is useful. Everything I'm going to show is on my motorcycle at all times, no matter where I ride. Thankfully, the BMW R1200 GS has plenty of carrying capacity, especially with the Jesse Odyssey cases.

Let's start with the right sidecase:

In this sidecase I keep my tire pump, small tripod, a bungee net and a rag.

The pump is a BestRest CyclePump:

I also have a gauge with the tire pump:

The tripod (Joby Gorillapod) can be used as a normal tripod:

or wrapped around some object:

Now, on to the left sidecase:

The left sidecase contains my tools, a flashlight, a locking cable for my gear and some paper towels:

The flashlight has 9 LED's and 3 brightness levels, and can be either handheld, or stand on the built-in tripod:

I carry a pen-type multimeter in case I have to debug an electrical problem:

The toolkit contains almost everything needed to completely disassemble my motorcycle and put it back together (though I don't carry a torque wrench, it loses its calibration from all the bumps and vibration):

There's a ratchet and Torx sockets (everything on the motorcycle is Torx), wrenches, pliers and other tools:

I keep more essentials in the small compartment under the top box:

There are some zip ties, the owner's manual, the original BMW toolkit, a medikit and a tire plug kit:


Tire plug kit:

The original BMW toolkit:

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